Episode 10

Can "PaaS" Be Saved, Or Is It Gibberish Now? (Ep. 23)


June 12th, 2016

46 mins 12 secs

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After all these years, what does "PaaS" mean? Most of the vendors in this space fight tooth-and-nail to avoid the term. Coté and Richard discuss a brief history of PaaS, starting in the mid-2000's to now and then discuss why "PaaS" may not be the best term to use currently. Spoiler: it's overly anemic when it comes to all the stuff a full "cloud platform" does. Plus, it has a limited view and sentiment based on the "plug-in" origins of the term.

The two also cover recent interesting tech news, including "synergy" theories on why Microsoft would buy LinkedIn and the growing market in cloud migration service integrators. With a new release of the Spring Framework, we also talk about the continuing rise of Spring Boot and what it's used for: sometimes, a "governance choke-point" is actually a very, very good idea.