Episode 13

SpringOne Platform Preview, Pokémon Go, Will Azure Win Against AWS? (Ep. 26)

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The biggest, best cloud native conference around is just around the corner, SpringOne Platform, this August 1st to 4th. This week we talk about the sessions we're looking forward to: Richard has his top five and Coté has a longer write-up. As both a technical and "meatware" conference, there's a whole lot to like, spanning the broad category of better ways of doing software. There are some great case study talks from the likes of Home Depot, ExpressScripts, Allstate, and Dish. In the technical buckey, there's all sorts of talks going over cloud native style development and several on handling data as well. Of course there's a lot on microservices! If you haven't registered yet, use the code pivotal-cote-300 to get $300!.

In addition to talking about SpringOne Platform, we cover some recent cloud native news like the prediction that Azure will overtake AWS and, of course, Pokémon Go.

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