Episode 20

Gigantic Stranglers and Crazy Infrastructure, Working on Legacy Code with Rohit Kelapure (Ep. 33)


September 13th, 2016

51 mins 47 secs

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About this Episode

No matter how fresh and new your company is, you're going to have some "legacy" applications to work with when you're mounting your cloud native efforts. The nature of those legacy apps and services are varied: mainframes, ESBs, batch job, and plain old J2EE and .Net apps. If you find yourself unable to make changes quickly enough without the fear of it all blowing up in your face, you're probably dealing with legacy. Pivotal's Rohit Kelapure talks with us in this episode about the type of analysis and, then, types patterns he and his team use to "break up the monolith."

Before all that we discuss some recent news: HPE selling off its software group, Google buying Apigee, Richard and Abby's recent commentary on the container market, and fresh coiffure advice for listeners.

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