Episode 27

Rebasing Your Wobble Detector, Industrial IoT and Pivotal (Ep. 40)


October 28th, 2016

54 mins 55 secs

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About this Episode

There's no end of discussion about the Internet of Things now-a-days, but much of it is either about flashing toothbrushes or crazy-making huge numbers with abstract use cases. This week we talk with Pivotal's Saurabh Gupta about the work he's been doing in the IoT space with Pivotal customers. He has a great model illustrating how to think about IoT use cases which we cover in-depth, with several examples. At the end of our discussion, you'll have a good appreciation of IoT is improving the business of "the big, noisy, dirty machines."

We also discuss some recent news: clouderati's new jobs, CenturyLink buying Level 3, new MacBooks and Surfaces, AI market-sizing hijinks, and an example of cloud native business thinking in the hotel industry.

See full show notes: https://blog.pivotal.io/pivotal-conversations