Episode 3

015: Talking DevOps ROI with the finance department


September 7th, 2015

42 mins 20 secs

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About this Episode

A short while ago, I wrote up how to approach doing ROI cases for DevOps. The catch, of course, was that doing ROI for DevOps is often the wrong “question.” That said, we all live in the real world, so you need to tell the finance people, let alone your management chain, something if they’re asking you to justify a decision.

To follow-up on the piece, I called up my old friend Ed Goodwin, a programmer friend of mine who went and got an MBA and entered a whole new career in finance. I asked him to walk me through how you’d think about doing the ROI for something like DevOps and, more broadly, how to work with finance people who are curious about new IT processes like DevOps and cloud native. He gives some excellent, pragmatic advice. As always, it always helps to just talk with people, even if they’re from finance.

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