Episode 58

The Fat Baby in the Water: Cloud-Native Enterprise Architecture (Ep. 072)


July 16th, 2017

1 hr 2 mins 3 secs

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In the cloud-native and DevOps world, there's a lot of hand-wringing and snark around the role of "enterprise architect." At scale, the goals of this EA function seem to be valuable: understanding and translating to IT what the business does and how it functions, ensuring that best practices and technologies are used, and helping make sure IT is actually helping the business with as little risk taken on as possible. However, the relationship between EAs and cloud-native teams seems a bit misaligned at the moment. This week, Coté talks about his research so far into figuring out how "traditional" enterprise architects could and should figure into cloud-native think, mostly by giving an overview of 2006 book on the topic. As ever, we also discuss some recent cloud-native news.

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