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A collection of podcasts from VMware Tanzu, covering IT modernization and digital transformation from every angle. Guests range from engineers in the weeds of cloud native technology to customer executives pushing change within their organizations. Listen and learn!

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Wednesday May 26, 2021

Shopify VP of Engineering Farhan Thawar shares his thoughts on a variety of topics related to managing software teams. He discusses fully remote software teams, pair programming, how to innovate within a company of Shopify's scale, and the benefits of engaging with a team like VMware Tanzu Labs (Thawar was at Pivotal Labs until 2015). He's joined by guest hosts Saad Ahmed and Joe Moore of VMware Tanzu Labs, who also offer their perspectives on what they're seeing in the field.

Tuesday May 18, 2021

VMware Tanzu’s Ajay Patel talks with Rita and Coté about the history of app servers, SOA, and how we got there to our current cloud native stacks. And, Ajay also lays out the what enterprises are asking for in their app and kubernetes stack and the product strategy Tanzu is putting in place to solve those problems. Plus, we walk down BPE Lane. Mentioned: Ajay in Twitter: https://twitter.com/PatelAjayp

Tuesday Apr 20, 2021

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Wednesday Mar 24, 2021

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Wednesday Mar 10, 2021

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Monday Feb 08, 2021

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Wednesday Jan 27, 2021

When Federal people ask to secure a DevOps app creation and delivery process, what do they mean? Chris Willis joins Coté in this episode to answer that question with a #vmwaretanzu customer example: the Tanzu Build Service, buildpacks, Tanzu Application Service (Pivotal Cloud Foundry), and other components. He covers FIPS encryption requirements, STIGs, working with the authorizing official, and the overall practices and culture-think for securing build pipelines.

Tuesday Jan 26, 2021

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Wednesday Jan 06, 2021

What's different about the day in the life of a DevOps Platform pro from an infrastructure pro? In speaking with Joe Hoh of Great American Insurance Company it's all about delivering capabilities instead of objects. The work isn't measured by the number of VMs delivered and tickets fulfilled. It's about adding new capabilities to developers and their business use cases. And that is much more rewarding work. What helps? Embracing the reality of change and making rework easier with a platform. With so much base capability automated, the platform team gets more return on spending time with developers, helping them be successful. "A lot of what DevOps is is educating each other." What did Joe bring to his platform role from infrastructure days? Read the full show notes at: https://tanzu.vmware.com/content/podcasts/from-objects-to-capabilities-joe-hoh-on-infrastructure-team-to-platform-team

Friday Dec 18, 2020

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