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2 hours ago

We should start distinguishing between on-premises kubernetes and public cloud kubernetes. Also, it looks like improving developer productivity improves everything.
That’s what Ben and Coté conclude after look over a recent analyst report ranking kubernetes distros/services and a survey on developer experience efforts in organizations.
The two reports:
Justin’s report at GigaOm, also here.
Forrester Consulting’s survey on platform engineering.
Here's the video of the recording if prefer that kind of thing.

4 days ago

In the DevOps, cloud, platform world we're told that operations people starting working closely with developers. This week @thecote been asked "does that really happen?" several times. We discuss the orly on that. Also, Ben and Coté talk about the Spring Framework community.
Here is the video recording this episode if you prefer that kind of thing.

Friday Mar 17, 2023

What is VMware Tanzu? I get asked this question a lot and, you know, I try to explain it. If you want a really good explanation, you should check out a new book on the topic, DevSecOps in Practice with VMware Tanzu. It’s expansive and in-depth, not only on the parts of Tanzu, but also the theory, ideas, and ways of working that Tanzu embodies.
Cora Iberkleid joins me (Coté) to interview the authors of the book, Parth Pandit and Rob Hardt.
Here’s the book from Packt, in O’Reilly Safari, and in Amazon. 
Here’s a longer description of the book from the publisher:
As Kubernetes (or K8s) becomes more prolific, managing large clusters at scale in a multi-cloud environment becomes more challenging – especially from a developer productivity and operational efficiency point of view. DevSecOps in Practice with VMware Tanzu addresses these challenges by automating the delivery of containerized workloads and controlling multi-cloud Kubernetes operations using Tanzu tools.
This comprehensive guide begins with an overview of the VMWare Tanzu platform and discusses its tools for building useful and secure applications using the App Accelerator, Build Service, Catalog service, and API portal. Next, you’ll delve into running those applications efficiently at scale with Tanzu Kubernetes Grid and Tanzu Application Platform. As you advance, you’ll find out how to manage these applications, and control, observe, and connect them using Tanzu Mission Control, Tanzu Observability, and Tanzu Service Mesh. Finally, you’ll explore the architecture, capabilities, features, installation, configuration, implementation, and benefits of these services with the help of examples.
By the end of this VMware book, you’ll have gained a thorough understanding of the VMWare Tanzu platform and be able to efficiently articulate and solve real-world business problems.
What you will learn
Build apps to run as containers using predefined templates
Generate secure container images from application source code
Build secure open source backend services container images
Deploy and manage a Kubernetes-based private container registry
Manage a multi-cloud deployable Kubernetes platform
Define a secure path to production for Kubernetes-based applications
Streamline multi-cloud Kubernetes operations and observability
Connect containerized apps securely using service mesh
Who this book is for
This book is for cloud platform engineers and DevOps engineers who want to learn about the operations of tools under the VMware Tanzu umbrella. The book also serves as a useful reference for application developers and solutions architects as well as IT leaders who want to understand how business and security outcomes can be achieved using the tools covered in this book. Prior knowledge of containers and Kubernetes will help you get the most out of this book.

Wednesday Mar 08, 2023

There's been a lot of talk about controlling cloud costs by bringing workloads back to the datacenter, you know, private cloud. The three of us discuss what's going on here. Also, surveys consistently show that only about half of developers are doing continuous integration (CI), and fewer are doing continuous delivery (CD). Can that be real? Ben doesn't think so. We also discuss how secure software supply chain thinking might change the tight coupling between CI/CD, making that slash back into a wall between the two: CI|CD. Also, Ben reveals his cartography background.
If subscribe to our show, you'll definitely be interested in the golden path series of talks this year. Check them out, for free, at SpringOne.io. Also, the CFP for SpringOne 2023 is open now, apply!
As ever, with your three friends: @egrigson, @benbravo73, & @cote.
Here's the original video with some bonus content on listening while jogging.
Links discussed:
Technology Chiefs Seek Help Wrangling Cloud Costs.
O'Reilly cloud adoption survey, 2021.
State of Continuous Delivery Report: The Evolution of Software Delivery Performance, Feb 2022.
Ben's kid's YouTube Channel: Wibbles Wobbly Life!

Tuesday Feb 14, 2023

You've been asked to build a cloud native cloud platform. The developers need some containers, probably some orchestration. So, what do you now? In this episode, Coté talks with ITQ's Robert Kloosterhuis about just this topic. Drawing on Robert's background as a virtualization admin and now, the Tanzu portfolio of stuff, they go through the type of thinking and work ITQ does with customers. Also, some tips on getting around Amsterdam for the people coming in for KubeCon EU.
Check out the live recording in video form, if you prefer that kind of thing.
Link & Notes
Robert in Twitter, in Mastodon, and his blog.
ITQ's Managed Modern Apps Services.
Kubernetes Community Days Amsterdam 2023.
KubeCon EU.
Cloud Native Rejekts.

Thursday Feb 09, 2023

The CNCF has a new kubernetes survey out and it has some interesting findings. We discuss several of them and our takes on them. Also, fresh back from cfmgmtcamp in Ghent, Coté talks about a new entrant in the configuration and release management space, System Initiative. 
As ever, with your three friends: @egrigson, @benbravo73, & @cote.
Here's the original video we streamed live if you're into that kind of thing.

Tuesday Feb 07, 2023

In this episode, we check in on the Spring community by looking at the most recent State of Spring survey. While in survey land, we look at the Dynatrace Kubernetes in the Wild study: what are the top languages used in kubernetes, and how is on-premises use shaping up> Also, SpringOne was great, and now there's so much more of it each week until the next SpringOne this fall. And, check out how smooth Ben is at picking up MC duties when Coté's internet stops working.
Here is the original, unedited video stream if you're into that kind of thing.
Apologies that this episode is a week late posting. Coté got busy.
As ever, with your three friends: @egrigson, @benbravo73, & @cote.
Links & Notes
SpringOne Essentials 2023 - watch it all now.
More SpringOne every week with the Golden Path to Spring One - Every Tuesday & Thursday at 2pm Eastern Time. Beginning January 31 and leading up to SpringOne at VMware Explore in Las Vegas, August 2023. Watch it here!
The State Of Spring Survey 2022
Dynatrace Kubernetes study
What is Shipa?

Thursday Jan 19, 2023

What's the deal with low code? After discussing current IT spending forecasts, Ed, Ben, and Coté discuss some recent thinking on how low code seems to fit into your business. We also discuss the organization structures needed for doing platform engineering and all that.
As ever, with your three friends: @egrigson, @benbravo73, & @cote.
IT forecast Worldwide IT spending is projected to total $4.5 trillion in 2023, an increase of 2.4% from 2022, according to the latest forecast by Gartner, Inc. This is down from the previous quarter’s forecast of 5.1% growth. While that’s declined, software and IT Services still have a lot of growth, hardware is pulling growth down: “The software and IT services segments are projected to grow 9.3% and 5.5% in 2023, respectively. The devices segment is forecast to decline 5.1% this year as both consumers and enterprises lengthen device refresh cycles.” Summary from Coté's newsletter.
What's up with "low-code" - what is Ed seeing, what does Ben think?
On Organizational Structures and the Developer Experience - If you’re working on developer tools, you need a different org structure than working on public cloud services. // “The reality is that org structures that have been designed to iterate and produce services at scale are not likely to satisfactorily address gaps between the services that negatively impact developer experiences without at least some change. If there’s no appetite for that, progress is likely to be limited.”

2023 Predictions and Hopes

Tuesday Dec 13, 2022

Tuesday Dec 13, 2022

It’s the last episode of the year so the three of us go over not only predictions in the cloud native space, but also our hopes for what happens. Also, there’s special guest ChatGPT on its predictions and a surprise piece of advice for New Year’s Day.
In the original video of this recording, at the end you get a bonus overview of GNOME from Ben.
A bit of a spoiler for you: platform engineering, more edge, consolidation of the app and kubernetes stack and platforms. Also, a shocking hope about GNOME (Linux desktops)!

Wednesday Dec 07, 2022

In this episode, we discuss the use of accelerators in the Tanzu Application Platform to help developers start programming quickly and efficiently. We also touch on some of the developer-focused announcements made at the recent AWS re:Invent conference. Finally, we have a discussion about ChatGPT experiments and their potential to reduce the amount of tedious work for office workers. Ben expresses some concerns about the technology, but Coté offers a compelling argument for its usefulness.†
Be sure to check out Ben’s new talk about Backstage in the Tanzu Application Platform GUI including: Accelerators (code templates), secure software supply chain visualization, API documentation, and more!
If you prefer video, here is the original recording, it has some bonus monster truck material: 
Links discussed in the show:
We talk about Ben’s recent video on templates (“accelerators”) in the Tanzu Application Platform. Also, we discuss the supply chain demo he does in that same video.
AWS Re:Invent news. Another 2 hr keynote with plenty of new services, many on the data side of things, plus the usual new EC2 instances. We talk about CodeCatalyst and AppComposer. Check out last week’s Software Defined Talk overview for more.
ChatGPT - an AI powered bot that’s been in my timeline a few times this week. From the same people that provide Dall-E, AI assisted drawing from natural language. SpectroCloud gave it a Kubernetes focused interview and it did pretty well. This feels like Boston Dynamics showcasing their robot inventions, in that it simultaneously amazes the public at large and scares them in equal measure. Unfortunately it doesn’t respond to ‘Shall we play a game?’ (for those that remember War Games and WOPR) - that would have been a cool Easter egg! See Coté’s experiments and take on it too.
† This week’s description written by ChatGPT with the prompt: “Can you write a podcast episode summary for me? We talked about some developer tools that help start programming (called accelerators) in our own product (the Tanzu Application Platform), then about a few developer things at AWS re:Invent. And then Coté talked a long time about ChatGPT experiments and his theory about how it can help reduce office worker toil. Ben was a bit scared.”


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