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Tuesday Nov 15, 2022

There was a lot going on at VMware Explore Europe last week, so we focus in on the Tanzu related stuff. Then: we do our usual check-in on platform engineering; a brief magic quadrant tour; see if there's any lessons to learn from Twitter the company; and close out discussing VMware's recent open source supply chain survey.
VMware Explore EU:
Cindy's round-up.
Tanzu Kubernetes Grid 2.1 - including support for Oracle Cloud.
Tanzu Mission Control - getting air gap stuff working (not out yet?).
Tanzu Service Mesh Advanced - roadmap announcements about: auto-discovering kubernetes and VM things; integrating with TAP to do security policy stuff; adding in running config stuff out of git (for, you know, GitOps).
Aria Graph, GA (previewed/announced in US): "Today at VMware Explore Europe, VMware is announcing the availability of a new freemium offering of VMware Aria Hub powered by VMware Aria Graph. This new free tier offering enables customers to inventory, map, filter, and search resources from up to two of their native public cloud accounts in either Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure."
More stuff: Bitnami updates, sovereign cloud stuff (working with partners to stand-up Tanzu in regional clouds).
Hear Ben’s talk from Explore EU -  “Tutorial: Introduction to VMware Tanzu Application Platform
Big Backstage Feels:
RedHat joins. 
Coté's interview with The Frontside. 
Our always good Gartner paper on internal developer platforms, free to read. 
Also, more hammering away at "platform engineering."
The CNCF’s Platforms Working Group are trying to define what a platform would include - details here.
We're past the "DevOps is Dead" phase, which is nice.
I think we can say "Developer Experience" without feeling dorky too. Even "DX."
New public cloud MQ, for IaaS+PaaS. Rank (first to last): AWS, Microsoft, Google, Alibaba, Oracle, IBM, Tencent, Huawei.
Transforming Twitter:
Finally, an example of the "pathological" column in the Westerum table.
Clearly Elon’s not a fan of Microservice Architectures - some weird monolith/microservices/de-platform stuff to observe.
In the context of the DevOps/cloud native community - planning for a potential loss of the place to talk.
Mastodon growing: 
Coté in Mastodon: @cote@hachyderm.io.
Interesting thoughts from David Heinemeier on the layoffs
State Of Supply Chain Survey
Devs go faster and are more productive with supply chains
New tools: Tanzu Image Builder - for packaging your OSS for enterprise use (amongst other things)
Coté did a little video on the study. Check out that Sam Elliott 'stach!

Monday Nov 14, 2022

What’s going on in the Cloud Foundry community? In this episode, Ben and Coté are joined by Nick Kuhn (a return guest!) to talk about the recent Cloud Foundry Day at KubeCon. They discuss Cloud Foundry on kubernetes, build packs, Detroit pizza, and singing the hits of the day back in the late 80s.
The Application Service Adaptor to wire up Cloud Foundry with kubernetes.
Nick’s demo of the Adaptor.
Recordings of talks from Cloud Foundry Day, 2022.
The Tanzu Application Service, VMware’s Cloud Foundry distro.
You can watch the original video recording if you prefer that.

Friday Nov 11, 2022

Coté talks with Charles Lowell and Taras Mankovski about the Backstage work they've been doing with clients. First, they talk about what Backstage is in the first place. Obviously, it's an internal developer portal...thing...but what does that mean beyond, like, a wiki? Check out The Frontside, and also, Taras' talk at BackstageCon.
Watch the video of this recording if you prefer that kind of thing.

Wednesday Nov 02, 2022

Coté talks with Darran Rice about his experience and other's with building and sustaining platform engineering teams.
If you haven’t already, check out our conference SpringOne, Dec 6th to 8th. We’ll be talking a lot about platform engineering and you can hear from people like Darran who’ve actually done it. Get the chance to talk with them directly, ask questions, and learn in the hallway track. When you register, use the code COTE200 to get $200.
Links mentioned: 
Darran's advice on KPIs.
Platform as a Product paper.
Gartner paper on internal developer platforms.
Darran in LinkedIn.
Also, watch the original video if you prefer that format.

Wednesday Oct 26, 2022

We check-in on "platform engineering," and ponder the theory that it's "DevOps for kubernetes." Also, Coté gives his theory on the rise of platform engineering. In the news section, we cover some of the announcements from Google Next and Microsoft Ignite.
Before we start: VMware Explore EU is about a week away. There's lots of Tanzu-land talks there, including this one with Coté and Mercedes going over their seven years of platform engineering, from back when it was called "platform as a product."
Also, if you're not registered already, check out the great developers, operations, and management talks at SpringOne. It's December 6th to 8th in San Francisco and will be a great event. As Ben mentions, there'll be a lot of great Spring Framework talk. When you register, use the code COTE200 to get $200 off.
As always, your hosts are: @egrigson, @benbravo73, & @cote.
News and Links
We'll cover KubeCon US next week (hopefully!). In the meantime, check out what our VMware pals are doing there.
VMware State of Software Supply Chain: Open Source survey.
Platform Engineering checkin:
Coté declares it "DevOps4k8s."
We have that Gartner paper about internal developer platforms that the platform engineering crew talks about here, for free: "Innovation Insight for Internal Developer Portals."
Platform Engineering Watch: there's a platform engineering working group at CNCF. 
Our platform as a product white paper.
Google Cloud Next announcements, all 123.
Microsoft Ignite: Azure Deployment Environments.
Service Mesh survey (of KubeCon attendees?) shows that security is the top reason to use it, followed by monitoring/observability. Perhaps Service Mesh will, indeed, be primarily about security - or maybe that's just the concern now, since it's top of the list for kubernetes, usually - table stakes type of stuff for future desires.
Unmentioned, but fun: Forest Brazeal deserves a callout for his "Re-org Rag"! 

Tuesday Oct 18, 2022

Conferences are a great chance, sometimes the only change, to discuss your peculiar problems with peers and experts. In the case of SpringOne, the topics range from programming, operations, and even management. It's the hallway track! Ben and Coté discuss two talks where you can maximize the hallway track and get your questions answered. And, then, stay to listen to and interview with Duffie Cooley about eBPF, networking on kubernetes, and more, from Explore US 2022.
The two talks from SpringOne:  A Study on Soldier-led Software Development to Reduce Security Vulnerabilities and Tanzu Vanguard: Priceless Insights. When you register, use the code COTE200 to get $200 off. Just think of how many hot dogs you could buy with that!
Here is the video version of Ben and Coté talking, and the video of the full presentation and interview with Duffie.

Tuesday Oct 11, 2022

This week we give a little previous of what will be at the SpringOne conference, then cover some recent conferences. We then discuss the sudden emergence of "platform engineering" as a thing, and finish out by discussing what the kids are calling "FinOps," getting a handle on how much you're spending on cloud stuff.
As always, with your pals @egrigson, @benbravo73, & @cote.
Check out the livestream video if you like that kind of thing.
Show Notes
SpringOne Dec 6th and 8th.
Check out the workshops and sessions.
Escaping the Legacy Trap - Coté's talk with Marc. You can get the legacy trap booklet when you register for the webinar we did on the topic - also, watch the recording!
Use the code COTE200 to get $200 off registration.
Hashiconf announcements - RedMonk round-up.
eBPF summit sessions are now online (it was 28th/29th Sept).
Kong Summit.
Platform Engineering Corner: boy, that's a thing now! Charity Major's piece. There was a whole conference. Paula has a good updated overview.
Istio has joined the CNCF as incubating.
Google published their 2022 Accelerate State of DevOps Report with lots of focus on security and platform-think.
Sysdig Threat Report.
Buoyant’s Service Mesh survey results.
Cloud costs corner - Wan cloud report, PDF. 
Ben’s new video “Deploy Your Python Apps To Production In Seconds”

Friday Oct 07, 2022

The new version of the Tanzu Application Service is out. In this episode, Nick Kuhn walks Coté and Ben through the new features for developers and operations staff.
Find out more:
Blog with full details on VMware Tanzu Application Service 3.0.
Get the deep dive on the version format and updates to the long-term support track.
Read about VMware’s continued commitment to Cloud Foundry.
Check out the Tanzu Application Service tech zone site to stay current on all the things.
As you may recall, dear listeners, the Tanzu Application Service was previously called Pivotal Cloud Foundry.

Thursday Sep 29, 2022

How much on-premises IT is there? Is it 25% of all IT, or more like 90%. We try to figure that out at the start, and then move onto our selected news items since last time: a new take on services meshes known as "ambient mesh," a look at GitLabs, and two surveys going over cloud security and management/observability. And, check out Ben's video on getting kubernetes setup for developers with the Tanzu Application Platform.
Check out SpringOne which is coming up Dec 6th to 8th in San Francisco. You can get $200 off if you register with the code COTE200.
If you prefer visuals, check out the livestream recording of this episode which includes some bonus after show content where we dream about the alternative reality where Amiga still excited and hear about Coté's stroopwafel/coffee incident.
How much on-premises vs. public cloud IT is out there? Is it, like, 50/50, or more like 90/10? AWS CEO throws out feels that 90% of IT is still on-premises. A lot of words that go nowhere, from Coté, on this topic.
In service mesh land, there's a new idea: Ambient Mesh. Related, check out this talk from Duffie Cooley of Isovalent.
What does GitLabs do, exactly, cause they seem to be doing it very well.
New Relic Observability report
Snyk State of Cloud Security Report. Organizations of varying sizes and industries reported being impacted by major cloud security events over the last 12 months, with startups (89%) and public sector organizations (88%) the most affected

Monday Sep 19, 2022

This week it's another interview from VMware Explore, this time about the kubernetes community and governance. Alex Williams and Coté talk with Davanum "dims" Srinivas. We cover lessons learned from other foundations, especially OpenStack; how new ideas are introduced into the CNCF; and otherwise talk about how the CNCF operates.
You can also see the video of the talk dims gave before the interview.
This interview was recorded at VMware Explore 2022.


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